Hsuan Yen electronics has been established in Tainan City, Taiwan since 1993, specializes in manufacturing various electronic components and switches. With more than 20 years experiences, we focus on producing high quality products and offering reasonable prices with punctual delivery; therefore, it is our honor that we have served many famous customers of the world, such as Siemens, Sony, Foxconn, Bosch…etc.

In order to satisfy our customers of different industries, our products include sensor, long life potentiometers, push button switches, tact switches, slide and toggle switches; also power sockets, fuse holders, indicator lights as well as auto cigarette plug.

In this changeable and dynamic world market, as an electronics component producer, we have to be even more sensitive to the product trends to meet customer needs; the design of products becomes more exquisite to attract consumers. Hsuan Yen dedicates our efforts on R&D to add value to those original switches with lighting function, and this can be applied in many industries like auto-car, tel-communication and computer accessories.

Hsuan Yen is also awared of the environmental friendly issue, CCFL lighting is made to substitute T8 lighting;  CCFL provides many benefits for saving energy waste with long life usage, which can be used at hypermarkets, schools, office buildings…etc.

We strongly believe that improve R&D and offer innovative products are essential for our customers, but the approach to create win – win situation is to improve service quality and product quality simultaneously, and this is always the goal of Hsuan Yen.